Disney testing another HiTech guide for the Magic Kingdom

Disney Magic Connection

If you’ve ever been to Disney World and have kids, you no doubt know about Pal Mickey. A cuddly, interactive plushie of the Mouse, which has an RSS chip in its nose, Pal Mickey lets its owner in on insider park tips, gives parade and showtime reminders, tell when favorite characters are nearby, and about short waits at favorite attractions. And Pal Mickey works at every park at the Walt Disney World resort. It’s like having Mickey Mouse as your personal tour guide and an ingenious souvenir that’s well worth the sixty dollar price tag. Building on that comes a new, more higher tech, application which Disney is testing at Walt Disney World, and it’s based on the Nintendo DS Platform.

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Utilizing the wireless capabilities of the DS, the Disney Magic Connection is completely interactive and easy to update. It promises to keep track of where you are in the park on an interactive map, gives guests a to-do list of what not to miss, informs of parade and attraction show times, where the nearest characters are, what rides have the shortest wait, what fast pass times are being accepted at any given ride, games to play while waiting in line, and even help to make dinner reservations of any Disney restaurant in the Magic Kingdom.

So, while the kiddies are enjoying listening to Mickey update them on what’s going on in the Magic Kingdom, Mom and Dad can get their geek on in the park as well.

No word on if the Disney Magic Connection will be available on other platforms, but with Apple’s influence, you can bet it’ll probably end up on the iTouch/iPhone sooner or later.

More info on the WDWMagic forums.

Source: Engadget

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