Wii-mote makes you Like a Surgeon

by Mark R

Wii Surgeon

I suppose I’m just really into reporting on Wii accessories, like the ones from Nyko. I found out about one Wii accessory that isn’t available to the general public, but really should be.

This Wiimote attachment is part of a special study by Kanav Kahol and Dr. Marshall Smith by the Banner Hospital Chain. This study pitted gamers against doctors on games that require a steady hand. I believe that the gamers actually did better than the doctors, but it sounds like this could be the result of the gamers’ experience with the Wiimotes.

I personally believe that this study should open the door for two advancements. The first would be in medicine. I believe that every surgeon should be required to train with a Wiimote in order to have the “steadiest hands in the business”. I would like to see them play video games where the player performs open heart surgery, and one false move will flatline the patient.

The second advancement is that the doctor training games be made available to the general public. Who knows, we might be looking at the next Guitar Hero here. Can you imagine playing the Grey’s Anatomy surgeon’s game for the Wii? You have to operate on a patient with a crazy backstory while a nurse says that she’s having your baby. Or the House game where you have to operate and insult a patient at the same time. Or the ER game where…okay, I’d better shut up now.


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Picasso Says: January 21, 2008 at 1:17 pm

Anything that help doctors perform at their peak is and SHOULD be a requirement when training to be a doctor- especially if steady hands are a BIG factor as in open heart/brain surgery where one false move/mistake will end the game/life. So whoever said decades ago the playing video games is senseless/useless wasn’t opened minded at all and didn’t realize ALL the possible applications such as better motor skills, balance, hand/eye coordination, reflex/reaction time because in surgery every second counts.

Picasso Says: January 21, 2008 at 1:25 pm

If you notice, ever since video games were invented and more and more kids started playing them, each generation became faster at learning more information at one time. In fact, to fly an aircraft in the military, first you must put a certain amount of hours on a flight simulator BEFORE being allowed to tackle the real deal. This is merely one example of how video games are used to enhance productivity of careers and professionals. Your kid whom you think is wasting his/her time playing videos games everyday with their friends, are actually training and learning without them realizing it and will most likely become more interested in technology as they grow up- your basically looking at future pilots, scientists, surgeons, construction operators of heavy machinery… etc. I think I made my point very clear 🙂 Never judge or speak negatively about anything without seeing/reading both sides good/bad.

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