USB drive holds your presentation and the software needed to run it


How many times have you taken your laptop somewhere to give a presentation only to find out that they won’t let you hook it up to the projector, but rather you must use their computer to run it? I don’t give a lot of presentations, so I’m not really sure how often that happens to someone. For most people it wouldn’t be a huge deal, but if their computer doesn’t have the exact presentation software on it you need, you’ll run into some major issues. If you’re ever worried about such an instance, this flash drive from NewSoft will put you at ease.

The drive seems ordinary enough, it holds 512MB worth of data, however, it also includes a copy of NewSoft’s Presto! presentation software which can be launched directly from it with no installation required. I’m sure that if you do nothing else during your presentation, you’ll at least impress those watching by your keen ability to adapt in a situation where you’re forced to ditch your laptop. You can pick yours up for just $45.

Source: SlipperyBrick