Decrease productivity with the Gamercize PC

Gamercize PC

What’s the easiest way to suck all of the fun out of your favorite activity? Just throw in a little exercise and you’ll be sure to hate it within just a few minutes. Now I’m not talking about things like the Wii which get you up and make you move a bit while playing your game, that’s actually kind of fun. I’m talking about the Gamercize, which makes you keep stepping or pedaling in order for you to keep playing your PS2. We covered the Gamercize for your PS2 when they came out back in September, but the creators have developed a new version that’s sure to make you hate your job more than you already do. That’s right, Gamercize PC.

The concept is pretty much the same. You hook this stair-stepper up to your computer and it keeps track of your foot movements. You can set the required speed, and so long as you keep it up everything works fine. However, if you slow down too much, or stop altogether you’ll find that your keyboard and mouse stop responding. I seriously can’t think of a single situation where I would find this practical. I doubt that I would be able to give the kind of concentration that I’d need to do my work, or play a game. If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can pick yours up for $199 from ThinkGeek.

Source: GeekAlerts