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Line 6 has just dropped news on its Micro Spider which is part of the best selling Spider III family of modeling amplifiers, making this an essential friend of any self-respecting traveling guitarist. The Micro Spider features a quartet of Spider III amp models, an entirely new acoustic guitar model, half a dozen Smart Control FX (complete with reverb, chorus, and tap delay among others), and a precise chromatic tuner. All these are crammed into the Micro Spider that touts to bring intuitive functionality, total versatility and sensational tone to any budding guitarist who is looking for a chance to make it big time.

They also say that good things come in small packages, so I would highly recommend that you don’t judge the Micro Spider by its size. This tiny box packs in quite a punch, where six C batteries are capable of pumping out six watts of screaming electricity through a 6.5″ speaker. While that is what’s touted by the press release, it remains to be seen whether real life experience will be able to live up to its reputation. You can also use the Micro Spider to practice with a pair of headphones and easy direct recording thanks to the POD 2.0-style direct output. In addition, with a microphone input and dedicated trim knob, the Micro Spider would feel at home whether it is electric guitars, acoustic guitars or vocals.

According to Darrell Smith, Line 6 Product Line Manager, “Micro Spider is loud, fast and out-of-control. The combination of flexibility, convenience and sheer Spider III ferocity makes Micro Spider as powerful as it is portable.” For those who want to pick up the Micro Spider III, they will have to wait till spring this year for shipping to commence, and not to mention the $199.99 price tag attached to it.

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