AirMail – A fitting case for your new MacBook Air



Remember that new notebook that came out the other day? You know the one, it’s really small, I think that Apple makes it. Well, if you were watching the keynote speech where it made its debut, you’ll remember that Steve Jobs pulled the first MacBook Air out of a manila envelope just to give you an idea of how thin their new laptop was. How long do you think it will be before someone actually makes a case that looks like one of those envelopes? Not as long as you might think.

A couple of people were so blown away by the stunning performance that Steve and his tiny MacBook gave that they went straight to work to make a new case especially for the Air. The name is about as fitting as one can get, Airmail.

The bags will be handmade with upholstery-grade vinyl and lined with soft fleece. Think of these as more of a laptop sleeve rather than a case, as it won’t protect from much more than cosmetic scratches and such. Look for these in a couple of weeks when the Air starts shipping for a price of $29.95.

Source: Crave

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