Acer set to launch Eee PC competitor


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It’s no small secret that computer manufacturers are trying to capture the ultra portable laptop market. Asus has all but set the bar with its Eee PC. Since it was debuted, I can’t recall seeing any negative reviews. Sure, it doesn’t have a ton of power, and it is lacking in the hard drive department, but for $400, you get one kick-ass computer. So the question is who will be the next manufacturer to toss their hat into the ring?

Acer has announced that they will soon be unveiling a 8 or 9-inch ultra portable notebook in an attempt to gain some of the market share. The LCD panels will come from AU Optronics while the actual production of the computers will be outsourced to Wistron. Look for these by the end of this quarter, or the beginning of next. We can only hope that they will be able to compete with Asus in terms of pricing.

Source: PClaunches

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