Goldeneye confirmed for XBLA, then put on hold indefinitely



Back when I was younger an awesome move came out that introduced me to James Bond. That movie was Goldeneye, and sadly there hadn’t been a movie featuring 007 in over six years, so I was only vaguely familiar with the character at the time. While the movie was great, the corresponding video game was better. I doubt that there are few people who owned a Nintendo 64 that didn’t lose many nights of sleep trying to attain the coveted 007 Agent mode.

Unfortunately, the game is over a decade old, and my Nintendo 64 has been out of commission for some time. I’ve thought about getting a new one so I can revisit classics such as this, however, it was recently confirmed that the game would be re-released on Xbox Live Arcade. Unfortunately it was also put on hold indefinitely in almost the same breath.

Many rabid fans would ask why the game has been shelved, and depending on who you ask, you can get some very different answers. The first rumor that was buzzing around said that Nintendo and Microsoft were squabbling about profits. The latest word from Microsoft is that Saoru Iwata of Nintendo doesn’t want the game released on a competitor’s console, as it was originally and exclusive for the N64.

Honestly, I could care less what the issue is. There have been rumors of the game getting re-released for too long. I think I speak for many gamers when I say that these companies need to find some middle ground and get this game out the door.

Source: Kotaku

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