Underwater Camera reaches 75 feet without housing

SeaLife Eco camera

Well you have to give it to the SeaLife ECOshot, regardless of how good or bad it takes underwater photographs, any camera that can take a direct drop from over six feet has to be a crowd pleaser in our clutzy world. It’s got a sleek design that’s encased in rubber handholds for easy gripping, even with dive gloves on.

Powered by a pair of AA batteries to keep the camera small and light, the EcoShot can reach a maximum depth of seventy five feet without an underwater housing. That makes it great for snorkeling and beginning to intermediate scuba divers who are looking to take pictures of the underwater sights rather than set dive records. And with a 6MP CMOS sensor, it hits the digital camera “sweet spot” which states that six megapixel chips are an ideal balance between megapixels and light sensivitiy. And considering that it can get pretty dark down below six feet, the ability to take in and record as much light as possible – even with a flash is a good thing.

The camera also has an interval meter which can set the camera to shoot pictures automatically anywhere from 5 seconds to five minutes. It comes with a small 14MB of internal memory, and sadly, it can only take 1GB SD cards. And at $230, you’d think a diver could at least slide a 2 Giger in there. But this baby’s strengths are in it’s robustness, not in it’s storage capacity.

Source – Slash Gear