Anyone for marmite


Whilst travelling back from a frankly exhausting CES 2008, I found a very small reference in one of the local UK newspapers referring to a new product just about to hit the market. Now, I’ve heard of some strange food and drink combinations in my time, but Marmite with Champagne is probably one of the weirdest. Now I’m one of the odd people in my family who actually likes Marmite and I also like Champagne, but both together, um, I’m not so sure….

This is being marketed as a limited edition valentine’s gift, with only 600,000 being made available. The jar has a gold-coloured label saying ‘I love you’ or ‘For my lovely Marmite lover’.

Prior to it’s full release on 21 January 2008, Selfridges are selling the Marmite with a hint of Champage for £3.99. After this date they will sell at the lower price of £2.99 for a 250g jar. Selfridges have also commissioned Theo Fennel, the jewellery designer, who has designed jar with a sterling silver engraved lid at £145. However, you’ll have to be quick to get these ones as there’s only going to be 50 made.

Therefore if you’re other half is more minted, perhaps this loving gift would be more appreciated (particularly if there was something with a diamond hidden in the black stuff). Mind you, think it would get a bit messy if everyone thought, ‘he hasn’t just bought me a jar of Marmite has he? There must be something else in here too’!

Now, this comment is aimed at one particular person, and I think you know who you are – if all you get me this valentine’s day is Marmite, albeit with champage, I will not be happy or impressed! Even if it has a silver lid!

I haven’t as yet tasted this product, but if you have or if you know of anyone who has, please share the taste experience.