A Card Reader for 62 formats? Gives me a headache

64 in 1 card reader

A USB Memory card reader that can read up to 62 formats? Are even 62 card formats in existence? There must be if this baby is on the market.

The reader plugs into an internal 3.5 inch connect bay, with access to USB, Firewire and SATA slots, as well as audio in to microphone and audio out to headphone or any other minijack capable device. But the secret is that those 62 formats boil down to the major categories of compact flash, secure digital/MMC, MS, SM & SD all their various incarnations (especially when most would be downward compatible). So, in reality, while it can read 62 different formats, it can realistically only read five different card types, which makes this a at basic card reader at best, and a marvel of marketing at worst.

Still, with the ability to read the major card types, plus USB, firewire and SATA for the heavy hitters, this might not be a bad thing to add onto anyone’s PC. Imagine an external SATA drive? That would be blazing. And just eliminating the need to plug into the back of your rig makes the $40 price tag worth it.

Source: Red Ferret