Hot Concepts Dock, Lock, and Roll good for any Laptop

by Mark R

Dock Lock Roll

For those that like to live by the laptop, I found a product at CES 2008 that can counteract the problems that result from constant usage. This product, known as the Dock, Lock, and Roll is developed by Hot Concepts, and I got a chance to talk to the inventor, Carl Jacobs.

The first problem of the laptop is how hot the laptop can get. In fact, if you keep it on your lap long enough, it begins to feel like a very hot cat laying on your lap. Fortunately, the Dock, Lock, and Roll has two little fans that can keep the laptop cool.

Another problem results from simply moving your laptop around. I found that I have to either pick it up to avoid scuff marks on the table, and the cables of my AC cord and mouse inevitably get caught in this messy shuffle.

Enter the Dock, Lock, and Roll, which has the ability to put itself on rollers with just a flick of a little switch. This way, the laptop can easily roll around or stay wherever you want to on the table.

Inventor and Sr. Account Manager Carl Jacobs is very proud of the rollers in this device for a very good reason. I believe they are patented, and they make the whole Dock, Lock, and Roll functional and very useful.

The Dock, Lock, and Roll links up with your laptop via USB to mini-USB connection. Speaking of USBs, it has three ports and some great multi-card readers for even more useful functionality.

I don’t have a price on this item, nor an availability date, but in my opinion, the Dock, Lock, and Roll can’t arrive anytime soon.

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Jeremy Says: January 12, 2008 at 6:22 am

Can’t arrive anytime soon or can’t arrive soon enough? I am ready to buy now!

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