Handpresso: For Coffee Lovers On The Go

by Carolyn

handpresso.jpgYou know you’ve been there. You’ve been traveling and all you want is a nice hot espresso. You head to a national chain coffee shop (rhymes with Car Ducks) to get your fix. But wait! They burn the crap out of it! Now your espresso fix is ruined. Or what if you’re miles and miles away from any civilized place with an espresso machine – what do you do then?

The Handpresso is an innovative gadget that allows you (with the purchase of their specialized coffee pods) to brew a nice cup of espresso with just hot water! The description from the website:

Handpresso Wild is at the core of the NOMADIC ESPRESSO. Simple, light, elegant and compact, it works without electricity. It has all the basic qualities to make a premium quality coffee anywhere.

Handpresso Wild prepares a tasty espresso of outstanding quality (according to the manufacturer) obtained by a high-pressure extraction, a patented Handpresso system. The coffee is listed as “a fine and smooth crema, subtle aromas, a structured body, a lengthy finish: a ‘vintage’ coffee!” How do you brew such tasty cup of espresso? Just pump the machine to 16 bar (of pressure, I’m assuming), add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle and an Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) pod. Then, serve the espresso in the cup of your choice by pushing the button.

This would be great to even make lattes at home too. Or, impress your coffee-loving friends the next time you go camping by waking them up to some fresh espresso. The Handpresso retails for 99,00€ (around $140 US) and the E.S.E. pods (made by a wide variety of manufactures) can be picked up at any large grocery store.

[Handpresso via Gizmodo]

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Neagle Says: January 11, 2008 at 11:12 pm

Wow, it’s like a mini bong for espresso bean aficionado.

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