Apple set to lower iTunes prices in the UK



Good news for UK music lovers. Apple has announced that they will be offering iTunes tracks at the same 99 euro cent price that others in Europe already enjoy. This of course is in response to a formal complaint filed with the UK’s Office of Fair Trading, which eventually found its way to the European Commission.

The price change will happen sometime in the next six months. Personally, I wasn’t even aware that the UK had to pay more per track than anyone else, then again it seems like they usually end up paying more than we do here in the US. The price they were paying was roughly 20 (American) cents higher than the rest of Europe.

Apple cited that the reason they felt the need to charge more in the UK was because of record labels charging them more to distribute music there. Apple has also said that they will “will reconsider its continuing relationship in the U.K. with any record label that does not lower its wholesale prices in the U.K. to the pan-European level within six months.”

Source: Crave

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