Switchback Ultra Mobile PC

Switchback Ultra Mobile PC

Generally, Ultra Mobile PCs are usually these thin things that you’re almost afraid to put data on because they look so fragile. This is not the case with the Switchback Ultra Mobile PC, one of the toughest UMPCs I’ve ever seen.

It was so tough that the man on the CES booth just carelessly tossed it aside on the floor, and it still worked. This is clearly designed for working under combat conditions, and is can take up to 1 meter of immersion in water for 30 minutes.

It also uses “BackPack” technology so the Switchback can have everyday tools such as a Digital Camera, Mag-Stripe Reader, Barcode scanner, RFID scanner, Biometric reader, Compact Flash, or High-Def Audio. In addition to this primary feature, the Switchback has many slots including the PCMCIA slot, USB port, Serial Port, VGA output, plus Audio Line in and line out.

It’s hard to believe that the 5.6 inch screen is a touchscreen. There is also built-in touch device as well as a QWERTY thumb keyboard.

The hard drive is completely removable, and the battery pack is swappable as well. In fact, the battery pack has an indicator showing how much power is left.

I am not certain of the price or availability, but I do know that it has got to be one the toughest UMPCs that I’ve ever seen.

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