Digital Frame prints copies while playing a happy tune

Digital Frame and Printer

How many times have you had a family member over for dinner and they’ve looked at your framed photographs and quipped that they’d love a copy. You promise to have one made but life being as it is, you never seem to get around to pulling the picture out of the frame, driving down to the 1 hour photo to get a copy, and then drop it in the mail. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just press a button and spit one out? That’s the cool promise of the Prinics’ Digital Photo Frame.

Although a tad wide for hanging on the wall, this digital photo frame includes a 300x300dpi printer built right into it. With a push of a button, the request for a copy can be fulfilled at one every forty-two seconds. Also on board are card slots to fit SD, MS, MMC and XD cards so updating the digital frame is a rather straight forward affair. Additionally, the frame has it’s own soundtrack with stereo speakers on board and the ability to play WMA audio.

And although no one seems to know for how much, it’s currently available in Korea. So just take your basic cost for a digital photo frame, add the cost of a photo printer and some speakers and you can guess pretty much what this will set you back.

Source & Photo Credit: The Giz