22Moo and Yellow Mosquito Video Goggles

by Mark R

22Moo Video Goggles

22Moo International, the international developer and distributor responsible for such award winning technology such as the Sleeptracker and Dr. Mist products, had a very interesting display at CES this year.

This time, they were highlighting these wonderful viewing goggles made by a partner company, Yellow Mosquito.

Viewing goggles are nothing new, and the myvu and Vuzix iWear were prominently displayed at CES 2008. However, I found that the 22Moo was better than both of them.

The 22Moo goggles featured some rubber frame that totally enclosed your eyes from all outside light, something that other viewing goggles fail to have. This leads to an experience that closes off the outside world, but without the tight fit of something like swimming goggles.

As a result, the screen in front of you looks huge, despite the fact that it really is only a projection. I also found that with some specialty made DVDs, you can view footage in true 3-D. This made for a very awesome experience.

I don’t know where or when these goggles will be available, but I sure hope that the general public can get a hold of them soon. As far as I could see, they are available in many colors and styles.

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