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by Tiago for sale

According to Landmark Communications, the domain name is now for sale, and as you can image just by reading the domain, it is valued pretty high – maybe up to $5 billion. Besides the domain itself, the buyers also get The Weather Channel – software and more.

Here are some realistic numbers so you can see why it costs that much:

  • leader of the market on December 2007, with 36,7% of the share. Other competitors include,, and
  • during December 2007, from all the visitors, 74% were repeat visitors
  • still on the past month of December, came in second place for the “News & Media” section

Sysadmin goes to prison – all because of sabotage

A computer sysadmin (aka system administrator) has received the longest prison term related to damages made to a computer. What do you think is the the reason to sabotage his own company? Maybe to get revenge on a co-worker? Not really. In this case, the person in question – Yung-Hsun Lin – was afraid to lose his job.

Since we don’t want to go into technical terms, lets just say he modified and added codes, in order to create a bomb, that was suppose to blow all the servers of the company. Fortunately, not all the code worked Ok, and that is why the main attack failed. While this happened around 2003, the malicious code was only found in 2005 by another sysdamin.

Sources: HitWise and Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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