Laptop Mounts by PanaVise


Laptop holder for the car

If you’re always driving here, there and everywhere and are fed up of balancing your laptop on your knee when you pull over to check your mail or see where your next appointment is, then help is at hand in the guide of the Laptop Mount from PanaVise. I’m sure this will be a boon to most travelling business people.

It should fit most make of vehicle and can be self-installed. The idea is, as always, simple but effective. When installed, you have the ability to position the mount to the most comfortable viewing and working configurment. When not in use, you just unclip from the base and stash in the trunk of your car, or wherever else you may want to store it. Accessories include USB cooling fan, light and telescoping support brace.

The Laptop Mounts will be available by the end of January 2008 and retail at $199 for the base model.

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