Hp MediaSmart LCD HDTVs and Receiver

hp MediaSmart

Our buddies over at hp are doing some very cool stuff with television/computer linking with their new MediaSmart line. The MediaSmart televisions are designed to hook up either wired or wirelessly with your computer so you can browse your photos, music, and HD video files.

It works with a menu option that allows you to select with the remote the particular media you want. Not only that, it can work with several computers, and the menu will pool all pictures, videos, and music together.

The viewer also has an option to do some very interesting things. For example, you can start some music up and then start a photo slideshow. A user can also download movies from Cinema Now, for some high quality theater movies in the home.

A buyer has three options to experience this generation of hp MediaSmart. They can purchase the 42-inch SL4282N for $1899.00 or the 47-inch SL4782N for $2399.00. These televisions have 1080p quality and two integrated speakers for powerful sound.

The buy can also purchase the MediaSmart Receiver x280N. I’m not sure of the price of that device, but it allows any HDTV the possibility of using the MediaSmart system, while the previously mentioned televisions have it built-in.