Bug Labs Creates a “Lego” of Gadgetry

by James


The harsh reality of life is that even if an average joe has a great idea for a “coolest gadget,” he doesn’t have the infrastructure or the capital to make that vision into a reality (much less get it to the pages of coolestgadgets.com). But Bug Labs wants to change all that with a series of linux based modules that snap together so users can create their own customized gadgetry.

Bugware 2

It’s very similar in concept to Lego’s Mindstorms – the successful teen toys that allow kids to create their own mix of Robots. How it works is remarkably simple and shockingly easy to hack and mod. But basically, each module as a URL that can use standard Internet protocols and open source software called Eclipse to communicate with one another.

The open source concept is by design as it allows small startups to concept and prototype out a design without having to invest the lionshare of their development budget on proprietary software development. Even the models themselves can be removed from their snap housings and fit together into a more customized case according to the developers design specs.

The first four units are the base, GPS, camera, touch-sensitive LCD, and accelerometer, with four new modules promised to be online every quarter. If that holds up, imagine 16 new modules a year and the exponential combinations that will allow hackers, moddies, budding techie concerns or even bright teenagers to develop their own tech.

Source: Webware

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