B&O Unveil new range at CES 2008

by Marc

Beo5c Bang and Olufsen, the Danish manufacturer of stylish AV gear, launches a bunch of new products this year at CES:

The BeoVision8 is a 32" LCD TV, which is new to the North American market this year. At $4000 B&O think their typical customer will see this as a secondary TV for the kitchen, game room etc but they’re also hoping that the price point will entice new consumers to the brand. They’re proud of the the sound quality on the set and I have to say they have a point; For a TV, it does sound very good indeed.

B&O have also applied their design flair to the ubiquitous MP3 player. With it’s polished steel and smoked glass facia, the BeoSound 6 looks the part. A 40 hour battery life makes it unique in the market and it ships with the A8 headphones.

Lastly, to tie your whole system together they give the universal remote a facelift with the Beo5 remote (pictured). If you’re a B&O customer you’ll want this. It brings together a full colour, customisable touch screen with some useful hard buttons. It learns the remote codes from your existing kit so it can control non B&O devices too. It’s not user-customisable – when you buy the remote you’ll also need to set up a consultation with your dealer, who will program it for you to your specifications.

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