Showstoppers@CES: Parrot Motorcycle Handsfree Kit

Parrot Motorcycle Handsfree Kit

Whilst walking around the CES Showstoppers meet and greet, I came upon the Parrot SK4000 bluetooth handsfree motorcycle kit. Now as I have a brother who is a keen biker dude, I thought this was a great idea so was keen to learn more.

The microphone attaches to the helmet via a pressure clip and once on, it ain’t coming off, so no worries about it flying off whilst doing 70k on the freeway. Parrot have also employed innovative noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to ensure clear quality of sound. The speakers are padded and feel quite soft to the touch, and can be positioned anywhere inside the helmet for rider comfort and are slim enough so that I don’t think there’ll be any additional pressure concerns when the helmet’s put on.

The SK4000 kit provides FM radio, or you can play music via bluetooth ADP, or plug and play with music from your USB. It also has multi-user voice recognition software which enables the rider (or anyone else using the kit) to simply speak to request the kit dials a number. Also, there is a handlebar mounted wireless control which the rider can select his music or calls through. The buttons have been designed to be far enough apart so that wearing gloves shouldn’t cause problems when choosing which button to press.
arrot Handlebar thing
Now, as I’ve mentioned above, my brother is a biker – however, he may have one slight problem with this kit. Unfortunately my brother is a muppet who,, a little while ago lost the end of his index finger on his right hand (completely his fault and no sympathy was given by his sister, just derision as him being so stupid as to put his finger in the way of the jigsaw he was using without wearing any PPE). Therefore, though I know he’d love this kit, I’m not sure he’d be able to fully use the wireless remote on the handlebar without a little bit of training. He’s also a heavy metal nut, so headbanging whilst biking may not be such a good idea…..

Anyway, for all other sensible riders, the SK4000 will be available by the 2nd quarter and is price pointed at $189 which I think is pretty reasonable for such an award winning idea.