Nyko Intercooler Available for the Consoles Three

Wii Intercooler

Even though the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, and Sony Playstation 3 are constant at odds, they do have one thing in common: they all get hot. Not hot like you can’t keep them in stock, but that is true for the Wii.

I’m talking about general heat given off. The Xbox 360 has this phenomenon known as the “four rings of death”. It is named so because once you see these glowing little rings on the outside of your Xbox 360, you are going to have to send it back to Microsoft. I don’t believe that the other two consoles have this serious overheating problem, but they do get hot, especially in proximity to other video/audio devices.

Fortunately, a company known as Nyko is doing a little something to fix these heating problems with a product called the Intercooler. All three of these devices attach easily to the back of the console devices, and “increase air flow away from console from optimal operating temperatures”.

The Intercooler is available for all three consoles, all with different models that essentially do the same thing. The Playstaion 3 Intercooler is available for $29.99, the Nintendo Wii Intercooler is available for $14.99, and the Xbox 360 Intercooler, also known as the Intercooler EX, are all for sale at the Nyko website.

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