Dreamflyer brings a new dimension to flight simulation

by Marc

DEreamFlyer The flight simulation market is relatively small, compared to the numbers of people who play other game genres, but simmers can be quite passionate about their hobby. It’s these folk that DreamFlyer are addressing with their motion simulator chassis.

The DreamFlyer is a metal chassis containing a figure-hugging sports style seat and a Saitek X-52 pro flight system with rudder pedals. The chair "floats" and moves in 2 dimensions (pitch/yaw). Because the movement is mechanically driven by the joystick there are no motors, power supplies or any other external dependencies. Up to 3 screens are supported and the demo here has 24" monitors on each arm so there’s no practical size limit. Since it happily supported 120Kg of yours truly without complaining it doesn’t look like there’s much of a weight limit either.

I spent a few minutes trying my hand at the stick – motion is very smooth and because you’re focusing on the screen(s) you always seem to be moving with the picture so it’s quite immersive.

Some set up is required by the user – you need to balance the chair to your individual weight and posture – and because you’re effectively moving your weight the stick feels quite heavy.

You need to add a PC and screen(s) to complete your flight sim rig, they will ship to many countries outside the US and you’re looking in the region of $3000.

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