BOB Screentime controller


BOB Screentime controller

Fed up of the kids being stuck in front of the computer or TV all day? Always end up in an argument when it’s time to kick them off? Perhaps you need to try BOB the screentime controller.

You simply plug him into any device with a screen and program in how long you will allow your sprogs to go boggle eyed. Then, when time’s up, he switches it off (probably to crys of consternation because the program they were watching hadn’t finished yet or they hadn’t saved the game they were playing and were just about to go to level 9).

I know my daughter would go completely into melt down if BOB switched off just before the end of a Dr Who episode when he’s in mortal danager (or should that be immortal as he doesn’t seem to die)!! If anyone has ever seen David Banner/The Hulk (“don’t make me angry; you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”), he has absolutely nothing whatsoever on Alicia when she throws a wobbler.

I think BOB is neat as he’s the one who can take the heat of the foot stamping stroppy kids, not mum or dad or the pet cat. It’ll also mean the kids can do something more constructive with their free time, such as read a book or go for a bike ride – much healthier alternatives.

Available from UseBOB priced at $89 – what price peace!

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