WildCharge wireless device charging


Wireless power distribution has been talked about for a while now but WildCharge actually have a product to show.

The WildCharge product range includes a pad, which plugs into the wall and provides the power source, and a variety of adapters to enable wireless charging of your existing devices – including the iPhone. Drop the device on the pad and it starts charging automatically. The adapters take the form of gel cases that offer some protection as well as integrating the contact charging technology. There is a also a "universal" charger, which is basically a small self-adhesive unit that attaches to whatever you want charged.

The charging product shown is about the size of a mouse mat but there’s no technical restriction on the size of mat or the power delivered. They can handle up to 150 watts and more if necessary, which means laptop charging pads are also in the frame.

The idea of having a tabletop you can just dump things on to get recharged when you come into the house is fantastic but I can also see a use for people who travl regularly. I take a laptop, camera, phone and iPod around with me and If I could take one pad instead of 4 chargers it would make things that much easier.