Neosonik show working HD Audio / Video

by Marc

Neosonik transmittter Last year I wrote about Neosonik, who were trumpeting a Wireless HD home theatre solution. Unfortunately they had show gremlins and couldn’t demonstrate the video at the time.

I went back today to check up on progress, and guess what? It really works. I saw "Casino Royale" in 1080p, coming from a blu-ray source. Let me recap that, in case you glossed over it: 1080p high definition video with audiophile grade 5.1 surround (the system supports 7.2), without wires. OK, so you do need to run power to the speakers but that’s it.

The unassuming plastic box in the photo is the picture receiver module which plugs into the HDMI port on the TV. Range is about 200 feet.

Neosonik are running a few demo systems here at CES in adjacent rooms, which not only demonstrates that they actually have a working and reliable product but also that they can run in close proximity without interference. Handy if your neighbour gets one too!

Availability and price? Sometime this year, and since they’re going after the high-end market you can probably expect a price tag with 5 figures when it comes out.

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