Latest Tech News – 7 January

by Tiago


SlingPlayer for BlackBerry – Almost there…

Sling Media will show a demo of the SlingPlayer for BlackBerry at CES 2008, and hopefully, the software will be released to the public before 2009.

In case you don’t know, SlingPlayer is a software that enables users to watch live TV on their own BlackBerry smartphone, be it with 3G or WiFi technology. The price to watch television on the go is $30.

If you’re at CES (I’m talking to you, Al) keep an eye on Sony’s booth because they will show a demo.

TransferJet – Wireless USB from Sony

Sony is a big player in all kind of technology related products, and that is probably why they are developing a new technology called TransferJet, that lets people transfer data from one device to another, very quickly.

As expected, TransferJet is being developed on the Asian part of the world, Japan to be more exact. In case you are wondering how fast it can transfer data, maybe the numbers of 375 megabits per second is good enough for you? Take in consideration that is on the “sustained” level, it can become faster on the “optimal” level, with 500 megabits per second.

TransferJet is a wirelessly technology, which means that no wires are involved on the process of transferring data. On the other hand, the devices can only be separated by 1.75-inches in order to work, otherwise forget about it. The best part of the upcoming technology, is that the transfers can be made from a cellphone to a digital camera, or from a personal computer to a video camera, or from… you get the idea.

Source: CNet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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