CES: AudioVox announces Digital Message Center

by James

AudioVox Digital Message Center

Everyone has notes on their refrigerator. Grocery lists, reminders, even notes from the kids telling mom when they’ll be home for supper. But how many can say they have audio and video as well? If AudioVox’s Digital Picture Frame and Message Board catches on, we all will.

It’s a dry erase board which not only has a digital picture frame built in, but depending on the model also a microphone for recording audio clips or even a video camera for a quick video. And what’s really6 cool is that the messages can be referenced to a calendar to be played back on a specific date. So, if mom is on a business trip, she can leave reminders, even whole messages for audio and or video playback that outlines what dinners are in the freezer, how to make a meal, or just a simple “I’m thinking of you, honey” message with a kiss.

The screen is 7-inch widescreen LCD which can show at a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels and is directly incorporated into the dry erase board digital center. The message board also incorporates a digital clock and LED message indicator as well as Post-it® pads for anyone needing to scribble a quick note. The frames can hold up to 500 pictures in it’s onboard 512MB memory with additional pictures through it’s optional flash drive slot. The systems are designed to mount either on a refrigerator, wall mount or stand on a counter and include the brackets for all three options. Colors are in flat wire in white and silver and black.

Prices are expected to run $160 for the audio only version or $200 for the video camera feature, which if you ask me is well worth the extra forty bucks even if it’s low res Webcam video quality. The only question is, does it have the capability to copy off the video and audio files for archival purposes?

Source: The Giz

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