Belkin Flywire makes splash at CES 2008


At CES, I went to the Belkin booth and found M:i:III playing on a bigscreen TV. At first I was not that impressed (with the movie and the display), but then I found out that the 1080p Cinema quality was playing completely without wires.

I was then told a device was in motion called the FlyWire, a device that allows for the placement of your HDTV television anywhere, and transmits your content wirelessly. The content for the demonstration was Blu-ray, but I’m guessing it can do a DVD or HD DVD.

The Belkin Flywire comes with a transmitter and receiver and uses a 5GHz band frequency to do its work. Installation is very simple as the user just sets up the Flywire transmitter to the DVD box, and then attach the receiver to the HDTV. The Transmitter is that very cool flat box that you see here above, and the receiver is a smaller box that hides very conveniently anywhere.

I can see these wireless devices such as these catching on. After all, who really wants to go behind the TV set and install all those darn cables?

Unfortunately, you will have to wait. The FlyWire is planned to be released in sometime in the summertime, for a price of $499-599.