PulseLink promises wireless HDMI


PulseLink promises an end to the wiring nightmare that is a modern home cinema setup, by offering OEMs an easy way to build in wireless HD video transmission.

The PulseLink PL3304 RDK is a wireless transmit /receive station that can send HDMI signals between compatible devices. It’s available to OEMs as a direct "plug in and go" module so it should be easy to integrate into existing designs.

They’re trying to get buy-in from device manufacturers to include their technology as standard and that’s the rub. If they succeed, my home theatre cabling setup just got a whole not neater. If not, you’ll just end up with yet another set of boxes to find room for.

It does at least seem to work as advertised, which is always the first hurdle in getting something off the ground! Things should start happening around Q2 this year, so watch this space…