CG at CES 2008

by Marc

mc727_300[1]Today is Sunday, which means last night was Saturday, which in CES speak means CES Unveiled, the pre-CES press event.

So why no post from the event? Well by the time we’d finished we were approaching our 23rd hour awake and as anybody who’s done that knows the brain starts to go a bit… funny at those times. Point in case – the most heated discussion after the event: Hottest tech? Most useful gadget? No, it was which colour LED you should choose for your power distribution block! Obviously blue is the way to go, but Al thinks retro is back in with red…

So, now we’ve rejoined the land of the living what took our eye? I’ll start off with this neat USB 3G modem from Novatel Wireless. The modem has an integrated micro-sd storage slot that appears as a drive so you can store your downloads and all the drivers are stored on the device so there’s no pre-installation needed.

You could just turn up to a PC, plug the modem in and start downloading. It would use your 3G broadband account, whatever that was and download files to the integrated card so it comes that one step closer to "internet anywhere" even without a PC.

They also included a GPS because… well, why not? It’s always handy to know where you are! Last nice touch – the integrated drivers are for Windows, Mac and Linux so it really should work just about anywhere you can find a PC.

The unit is being sold in both the US and Europe under various partner bundles. Cheapest entry point in the US seems to be Sprint, which gives you the unit and a data plan for $79.99

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