Flexible Keyboard now comes with Skype keypad

by Mark R

flexible keyboard

We have reported on the Flexible Keyboard before, and its benefits are obvious. I mean, it rolls up and plugs in for some real cool portable action.

In fact, I was just watching Live Free or Die Hard the other day, and I noticed the bad guys were using a flexible portable keyboard to take over a power plant. Now I know that the next time I want to take over a power plant, I will use the newest model of the Flexible keyboard.

This latest version comes with a Skype dial pad, built in microphone and speaker. This way, when I’m taking over the power plant, I can communicate with my evil overlord boss. And I’m not going to use a video conference call, because the good guys can get a good picture of the evil overlord boss.

(Spoiler alert: That’s John McClane did in the last Die Hard movie, which was really a bonehead move on the villain’s part, really. Some genius he was. I mean, if John hadn’t shot himself to kill the bad guy, the bad guy would have shot himself all on his own.)

Not only that, but the new flexible keyboard also comes with 2 USB ports for all types of compatibility action. You can get the Flexible Keyboard & Skype Dial Pad with USB Hub now for $59.99.


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Master Shake Says: March 4, 2008 at 3:39 pm

Where can I buy this thing?

Jeff Says: June 16, 2010 at 7:28 am

I’m really impressed by the extended Die Hard reference.

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