Lazyman Lights: Xmas Lights for All Seasons

Lazyman Lights

You know the guy in your neighborhood who just refuses to take his or her Christmas lights down? Sure, he or she will leave it off until December of next year, but at least he or she won’t have to put the lights up again. Fortunately, the Lazyman Lights are just for this person. In fact, I can totally see a practical use in any house.

The Lazyman Lights are 50 feet worth of LED lights that come with a control box that you see on the left here. As you can tell, the toggles with the colored lights above them can control a multitude of colors, and the blinking patterns at the touch of a button.

I’m kind of lazy myself, but I’m good at planning stuff, even if it never happens. Here is my plan for the Lazyman Lights: After Christmas, I’ll turn them into bright New Year’s colors. I’ll randomly decide that.

I’ll leave that setting on until mid-January, where I switch to a Valentine red. One week after Valentine’s day, I’ll go to an exclusive green color until St. Patrick’s day. Then it’s all pastels colors until Easter.

I suppose I will leave them off until Flag Day and the Fourth of July, where I go with the red, white, and blue. Then Halloween gets the all blood red treatment, since orange doesn’t seem to be an option. After that, people will be putting up their Christmas decorations all over again anyway, so it is back to my Christmas settings.

So, all in all, a very useful, non-seasonal product. All of this can be yours for about $79.99 at Smarthome.


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  1. I am looking into this system for some clients, they would like this done to their homes and offices. With the lazymans light box can I add strands of lights? I see it comes with 50′ that would do just a front awning but not the top awnings.

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