Eternity II won’t take that long to solve


eternity2.jpgIf you love puzzles, why not pick up the Eternity II and give yourself a chance to become a millionaire two times over should you be the first person to solve it.

Well for starters this infuriating geometric head-scratcher took yonks to design. Secondly – and more importantly – the first person to solve it wins $2 million. You heard, $2 million! If you’re a complete puzzle-dunce, don’t despair. According to its creator, Christopher Monckton, Eternity II is just as likely to be solved by a 5-year-old as a mathematical genius. Apparently age and academic ability don’t come into it. Then again Mr Monckton is a former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher. But there are loads of reasons why you shouldn’t hold that against him. In fact we can think of two million rather good ones!

It makes me wonder, who comes up with the $2 million prize money in the first place? Can they actually sell enough to offset the amount in the first place? With more and more kids these days preferring to spend their time on video games, I doubt this $49.95 will pick up the pace at retail stores.

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