Titanium Cruzer Plus has little more than a fancy gold color

Cruzer Titanium Plus

I’ve had plenty of USB flash drives over the last several years. One of my favorites was the Cruzer Titanium. I remember picking that particular drive after my last one ended up getting crushed. Don’t ask, I’m just really hard on my thumb drives. I also enjoyed the fact that I could slide the USB connector in and out, but that was just because it seemed cool. Well SanDisk has updated their Cruzer Titanium and given it a few changes.

As you would imagine, it is made from titanium, just like its predecessor. The big change here is the addition of “Plus” to the drive’s name. Apparently “Plus” means that it’s gold and you get a six month membership to BeInSync, which automatically backs up your data online.

One thing to bear in mind is that while this drive is made out of titanium, it doesn’t mean that it’s indestructible. After a few months mine came apart in the middle where the two pieces of titanium met. As long as you aren’t as rough on your drive, this isn’t too bad for the $59.99 price when it comes out this March.

Source: Crunchgear

4 thoughts on “Titanium Cruzer Plus has little more than a fancy gold color”

  1. I have the smaller 2GB model in black and so far it has been working pretty good for me. I am glad I don’t have to worry about a cap for the connector and can just slide it out.

  2. Now how does someone manage to crush a flash drive made out of titanium? Lets hope you don’t crush the gold one in the same manner lol

  3. No, I picked up the titanium one because the one before it was crushed. My Titanium Cruzer died when the glue holding the titanium together gave out.

  4. They usually replace the ones that split when that happens. I’ve had a few Titaniums and the one that split got replaced right away.

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