Safest Heated Throw


safest-heated-throw.jpgLooks like the folks at Hammacher love throwing strong adjectives at their products, and the Safest Heated Throw is the latest in a long line of them.

Unlike typical heated throws that require 120 volts, this is the only UL-listed non hazardous low voltage throw available that uses only 16 volts. Despite its low energy consumption, the throw provides even heat across its entire surface without the hot or cold spots common in lesser models. The tethered remote automatically shuts off the throw after 10 hours, while a microchip embedded in the blanket detects overheating and automatically decreases the temperature, ensuring optimal safety. The 100% fleece cover envelops virtually undetectable wires, unlike traditional electric throws with stiff, bulky heating elements. Remote control has 11 heat settings.

Want to stay warm despite the bitter cold? $99.95 ought to do the trick for this.

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