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Red Scarlet Mockup

Everyone remembers how Red One rocked the video world last year. It featured an 11.4-megapixel chip and can shoot HDTV video at up to 60fps. And it wasn’t just vaporware either as Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson shot “Crossing the Line,” a short film on World War I with it with stunning results same or better quality as professional equivalents costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, but for an $18,000 pricetag. Now that the Red One has redefined low budget filmmaking and has started shipping to eager filmmakers everywhere, Red is setting their cross hairs square on the pocket market with Scarlet.

Rumored to being unveiled in the Spring at the National Association of Broadcasters convention (NAB), Scarlet is being dubbed as a “pocket professional camera.” No word on the specs or costs just yet, but with prototypes promised to be revealed in April, Scarlet could make the same shockwaves as the Red One did at CES last year.
Source: Engadget

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