Increase iPhone battery with Morphie

Morphie Juice Pack

We’ve seen the cool commercials showing users moving their touchscreen iPod or iPhone through a battery of movies to watch on the widescreen. But with the average battery time of that widescreen iPod or iPhone hovering under two hours, users can’t even enjoy an entire feature before their iPod dies leaving the user hanging on the ending of a good popcorn movie. Enter the Morphie.

The Morphie Juice Pack promises to double the battery life of any widescreen iPod Touch or iPhone with its elegant sleeve battery pack design. Battery life specs are as follows: standby time – Up to additional 250 hours, Audio Playback – Up to additional 24 hours, Talk Time – Up to additional 8 hours, Video Playback – Up to additional 7 hours, Internet Use – Up to additional 6 hours.

Four LED lights monitor battery life. With a touch of a button, the LEDs show how much power remains in 25% increments. The LED lights also indicate charging status, as the Juice Pack charges via the standard iPod connector or iPhone adaptor iPhone Adaptor with or without the iPod connected directly.

And the really cool thing is that the iPod will burn up the Morphie’s battery life before starting to dip into it’s own power reserve making it almost worth the $100 price tag.

Source: DVICE