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bioMETRX has just dropped an announcement, saying that it will be launching the development of several new smartTOUCH products that will target consumer travel and residential markets later this year. According to Mark Basile, CEO of bioMETRX, “As consumer interest for fingerprint technology in everyday products increases, our product offerings will increase as well. Our primary goal is to take everyday consumer products and transform them for today’s lifestyle by incorporating the security and ease of use of our proprietary smartTOUCH finger activation technology. For example, identity theft through mailboxes has been a growing problem in the United States. Our smartBOX concept mailbox is being designed to solve this type of identify theft.”

Sounds like a pretty interesting method to prevent ID theft especially where your regular mail is concerned. Let’s delve into what the smartBOX will offer – it is actually a finger activated locking mailbox that was specifically designed to prevent unauthorized access to mail, giving you identity protection while preventing fraud at the same time. Each smartBOX can be programmed to recognize up to 20 different users simultaneously, and these users can be deleted and replaced as and when required for added flexibility. Currently, bioMETRX is working with several mailbox manufacturers so that their products will be compatible with smartTOUCH technology.

In addition, bioMETRX is currently working on “an integrated biometric solution for luggage that is secured by the owner’s finger. The product called smartCASE, will feature both finger activated security as well as the required TSA key override for checked baggage.” Sounds pretty nifty to me, considering how often we hear of cases concerning pillaged luggage. Strange, isn’t it? In a day and age where ID theft occurs mostly online, we seem to have neglected how our personal information can be stolen from something we take for granted like the humble mailbox.

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