Samsung SM30/Duplus

by Mark R

Samsung SM30

I like to live by my laptop, and I found that my mouse takes up a lot of room in my laptop bag. It would be nice to have something that is compact, flat, and fits in your pocket.

The SM30/Duplus from Samsung seems to be designed for something like this. The SM30/Duplus is billed as a wireless mouse, but it can do a lot more.

But let me talk about its mouse functions first. It has a wireless dongle that connects to a USB port, and then stored within the SM30/Duplus for later use. There is a scroll wheel that somehow controls the mouse functions.

As I mentioned before, the Samsung SM30/Duplus is more than just a mouse. It has a laser in the tip for a pointer for presentations. Not only that, the mouse can double as a remote for these presentations.

I’m not really certain how all this works. I guess the scroll wheel works like the touchpad on my laptop. Then I guess the handheld remote works like your mouse for PowerPoint presentations or something.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard that SM30/Duplus will only be available in Korea for now. However, it is Samsung, so that usually means that the products are on the way.


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