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powramid.jpgKreative Power has just unveiled a whole new line of compact, centralized surge protectors known as the POWRAMID. We all know just how sensitive electronic devices are, so giving them a little extra protection with the POWRAMID makes perfect sense. Meant to be the next step of evolution of power multi-outlet design, POWRAMID comes in a space-saving conical surge protector form factor, boasting half a dozen widely spaced outlets which are more than capable of handling large size plugs. Other features consist of a stable base, a centralized on/off switch, an ergonomic hold-down knob, and a safety switch cover.

There are several models to choose from, depending on your budget and needs. First off, we have the POWRAMID E-900H model that comes with an 8 foot power cord and a right angle low-profile plug, a transparent safety switch cover, an illuminating round on/off switch, a re-settable 15A circuit breaker, and a surge protection LED indicator. The E-900H can support a maximum of 900 Joules of surge protection, despite measuring a mere 5″ in diameter. It is tiny enough to make its way into tight spaces like under the desk or on top of tables. Sounds good enough to lug around for the seasoned road warrior without compromising on your luggage space.

According to Bonnie Jiang, director of sales and marketing for Kreative Power, “POWRAMID is revolutionary in both form and function. The conical pyramid shape of POWRAMID adds a unique aesthetic appeal to the product, and the newly invented features significantly benefit the end-user. POWRAMID is an ideal surge protector that fits today’s multi-device, digital lifestyle.” You can check out the POWRAMID E-Series at CES 2008. The breakdown of pricing information is currently unavailable as you will need to contact a Kreative Power Sales representative personally. When it arrives, it will be made available via Kreative Power’s selected retailers or directly online.

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