Recon Scout is ready for dangerous undercover surveillance work

The Recon Scout looks like it has borrowed its design from the Sony Rolly, but it is able to take video footage instead of playing music.

The Recon Scout, designed by a Minneapolis-based company called ReconRobotics, is a durable little mobile camera designed to roll along the floor. It is a discrete way of getting video footage in hostile territory, and has already been successfully tested in war zones like Iraq. It even has an infrared camera with night vision for shooting in the dark.

According to Popular Mechanics, the Recon Scout is planned to be tested in prisons. That way, you could send it into areas where no one would want to go, and it will scan some areas discreetly. Now this is way to see what prison life is like. So, the next time a prisoner drops his soap in the shower, he can bend over and…see the Recon Scout.

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Sneakey allows you to duplicate a key from a mere photograph

The Sneakey sounds like some spy technology plucked out of a James Bond movie, but it is close to becoming real.

The Sneakey uses teleduplication, which is a way of extracting a normal key’s complete and precise “tooth pattern” at a distance using optical decoding and then cutting precise duplicates. In other words, a camera can take a picture of key from a distance, and from the high resolution photo, the photographer will have the information necessary to make a perfect copy of the photographed key.

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Take Your Tech on the Slopes!

The last time that I went skiing, cellular phones and MP3 players didn’t exist. If I ever do go skiing again, I probably would not take any mobile devices on the slopes, because a wipeout could smash them, not to mention what damage the snow could do. However, I found two devices that are good to go for the snow.

The first is the Stereo Toasters, a pair of headphones that can work as earmuffs. They adjust with a sliding mechanism to create a behind the head fit that will keep your ears warm. Unfortunately, the product description does not say whether or not it is wireless, which would be an excellent feature when you are skiing.

The second is the G.Cell GX-1 Bluetooth Ski Gloves, which have a speaker and microphone built-in. You can sync these gloves to your mobile phone via Bluetooth so you can receive calls with the answer and disconnect buttons.

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The Snowball Launcher with 50′ range

Just because you’re an adult does not mean that you don’t still enjoy chucking an occasional snowball at your friends.  Actually, at times it makes it more forbidden and therefore a lot more tempting.  Well if you don’t have the greatest throwing skills then you might want to look into a cool contraption to help you out.  With this cool gun, hopefully no one will notice that you didn’t buy it just because you thought it was cool.  Likely they’ll just see a new toy to drool over and your secret of a puny throwing arm will stay quiet.

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The Shower Genius Waterproof Notepad

You can’t always control when your best ideas come out.  Sometimes they happen in the middle of the night, which for most means it’s going to be a sleepless night.  Other times they happen at moments it’s seemingly impossible to jot a note before it slips from your mind.  One of those times could easily be the shower, yes you’re only in there for a short while but you could forget by the time you’re out.  If you had this waterproof pad in your shower you’d never forget one of your ideas again.

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Alltel Wireless offer Samsung Delve

Word on the street has it that Alltel and Verizon are about to merge, and this monster company will then be usurp AT&T as the largest mobile carrier in the US, combining the might of both 2nd and 5th place carriers into a single entity. Nevertheless, until the FCC approves of that move, we will still be covering news on individual phones released by either company, and the Samsung Delve is under the spotlight today. This handset will come with an intuitive interface and attractive touchscreen design, targeting message-centric folk who spend most of the time doing their talking via text messages and emails instead of voice communications.

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Fanatec releases Limited Edition Porsche 911 Turbo S Racing Wheels for Xbox 360

Like many other hot blooded males out there, I too, have a penchant for fast cars – although my experience has been limited to solely the digital kind as I do not have the cash to pony up for an exotic four wheeler from the local luxury car showroom. Al, how about a hefty bonus this Christmas? 😉 Well, for those who are in the same boat as me and love driving fast cars but are rather more concerned with bread and butter issues at this point in time, there is always a compromise. Fanatec, a manufacturer of high end gaming peripherals, has just announced that it will be rolling out its new Porsche 911 Turbo S Racing Wheels specially for the Xbox 360. Hmm, at least you can brag to your friends that you have a Porsche at home – never mind that it is just a steering wheel. You can choose from a trio of versions – 911 Turbo S Edition, Clubsport Edition, and Pure Edition when you place your pre-order.

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