Motorola rolls out trio of PDA phones

Motorola might be struggling in the current unstable economic climate, but that doesn’t mean the telecommunications giant is about to throw in the towel. The US-based company has just rolled out a trio of new PDA phones in China today – the MING A1600, MING A1800 and MOTO A810. The first two MING cell phones are next-generation handsets that boast standalone GPS navigation and packs in more than a decent punch where productivity and multimedia functions are concerned. As for the MOTO A810, this entry-level phone will further expand the PDA phone market in China with the bare necessities without breaking the bank.

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Mio Knight Rider GPS navigation system gets official

Have you picked up a GPS navigation system for yourself yet? If you have not yet done so, make sure you shortlist the Knight Rider GPS navigation system from Mio. Yes, it has finally gone official. Inspired by the original Knight Industries Two Thousand (a.k.a. K.I.T.T.), you get to impress your lady friends and blokes (I suspect the latter group would be more excited at the sight) with some magic from the original TV series as you make your way across town to your destination within the shortest, most efficient route possible. Just in case you’re wondering what the level of authenticity is like, you’ll be pleased to know that the Knight Rider GPS comes with a Knight Industries-approved LED display and custom voice files for that added touch of realism.

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Dress For Dinner Napkins: Go ahead, wear an undershirt

I’m the type of guy who wears a suit and tie for a phone interview. I, for one, love getting dressed up. There’s something about a nice shirt and tie that just boosts my confidence up a notch. I just feel better in a suit. But there is surely (stop calling me Shirly) a huge chunk of you who despise the thought of donning a suit and designer slacks.

Maybe you just prefer more typically comfortable attire. A plain white undershirt and boxers are something you wouldn’t mind wearing to a dinner party. Lucky for you, you might just be able to get away with it now. These Dress for Dinner Napkins take the embarrassment of not being able to properly knot a tie and take the easy way out. A tie emblazoned napkin.

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Apple to Rogers: “Oh, Hell Naw!”

Canadians have something to be truly pissed about. Finally, the iPhone 3G is about to set foot in North America, and Canadian wireless provider Rogers has to lay down some of the worse price plans you could possibly expect, even compared to Canadian wireless standards.

To start, there is absolutely no unlimited plan to speak of. The highest data allowance tops off at 2GB and only 300 sent text messages, which for most people is way more data than they’ll ever use in the first place, but even so, for $115 a month, you shouldn’t be setting any limits on anyone. Apple has had it with Rogers and they’re making it very clear. Sources say that they have officially pulled the iPhone off the Rogers sale racks, even before its launch on the 11th.

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Halo 6-in-1 Projection Alarm Clock

I know when most people say “Halo”, what springs to mind is that fragging-cool game for the Xbox. In this case, I am referring to the Halo 6-in-1 Projection Alarm Clock Flashlight that even Master Chief himself would be comfortable with.

The six functions of the Halo are the projection alarm clock, flashlight, clock, timer, calendar, as well as a built-in compass. The projection alarm clock, which means you can shine your wake-up time right on the wall. Apparently, you can also shine a regular white light, as the device has a flashlight function.

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Washing Machine Doubles as Cozy Seat

I’d like to take a moment to be grateful for modern day inventions like the washing machine. In the old days, Laundry Day was a grueling chore of hand and washboard scrubbing. Now we just sit on our butts and let the machines do most of the work.

I guess it’s just a natural evolutionary progress that someone made a washing machine that we can actually sit on. This concept device of washing machine/cozy chair is designed by Harsha Vardhan. Since no water is required to run this device, you don’t have to devote a “laundry room” to this washing machine seat.

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The Original Shocker Electric Chair

Do you have a dark and creepy basement, too much money and stupid friends?! Well then this is the chair for you! This chair doesn’t just look menacing, it actually will give you a bit of a shock. Which is the reason there are little straps for your legs. The site claims that there is little or no risk involved. However, those with pace makers and/or a brain might not want to push their luck on this one. I keep hoping that the whole thing is a simulation, but there is no way to actually confirm that on their site.

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E-BALL Multiplug Connector looks like a D20

Powerstrips aren’t exactly the most exciting of electronic devices. However, on occasion someone decides to be a little creative with the boring powerstrips. It also looks a bit like a D20 (even if it is a bit short on sides), which shows a bit of love for your D&D days, as well as the rest of the geeky games that involve dice. Even if your back in the day gaming was just last week. I know, it’s hard to get through those long work weeks to get to your weekend round of Magic.

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