Microsoft Sphere Proves the Computer World is Round

I’m surprised that someone hasn’t already covered this particular gadget yet, because it is definitely one of the coolest gadgets that I have seen in quite a while.

We have covered stories on Microsoft’s Surface, a touchscreen mounted on a coffee table frame. The Sphere is the next step up from the flat display, as the user interacts with something round, for a change.

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Eyeball Lamps clone your eyes

This new lamp can be filed under all that is bizarre and the slightest bit creepy.  They are hand blown glass and made to look exactly like your eyes.  So if you’re a bit full of yourself when it comes to your eye color, now you can show it off through a bit of quirky lighting.  Although I imagine your guests would feel the slightest bit unnerved by sitting next to a set of lamps that keep staring back at them.

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Color Coded Cutting Boards prevent Cross Contamination

One of the chef issues with food preparation, aside from the dreaded salmonella, is cross-contamination. Cross contamination is where you use the same cutting board to cut your chicken as you do your vegetables and bacteria or other contaminates from their way from one to the other. No big deal if the cook is making Pasta Primavera, but if it’s a chicken salad, then that dreaded “S” word can rear it’s ugly head if the cook forgets to wash the cutting board between dishes. Unless, of course, they have this nifty color-coded set of cutting boards.

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SATA Docking port gives new options for going from PC to TV

Imagine being able to unplug your hard drive and hook it up to your TV to watch some popular movies or even see some great digital vacation photos sent by Uncle Phil of his recent vacation to Cleveland with the wife and kids. Okay, that would be torture, but being able to enjoy movie downloads or listen to favorite songs while looking at a digital photo album wouldn’t be too bad, would it?

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Copy/Paste finally comes to the iPhone courtesy of App

One of the mystifying design decisions about the iPhone when it first came out was the omission of a simple copy and paste command. This design decision further solicited head shakes when iPhone engineers left it out again in the 3G model. What’s going on with Apple that they don’t see the simple benefit of copy and paste? Well, thanks to an application known as Magic Pad, iPhone users don’t have to be limited by Cupertino’s lack of vision on this issue.

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Fabrik [re]drive eco-friendly hard drive

Everything and everyone’s going green these days, making me think that going green is the new black. I suppose we all want to do our part by helping keep the environment clean in a passive manner, hence the deluge of green products being released by manufacturers left and right. Fabrik is one of them, shipping what it touts to be the most eco-friendly hard drive in the world, although there aren’t any official benchmarks or studies done to affirm that self-proclaimed statement. I wouldn’t go up against it though, since the materials it is made from is already much greener compared to your regular hard drive. Known as the [re]drive, it uses bamboo as a design element and comes with low-impact packaging. Internally, you will find a 500GB hard drive for you to store all your precious files.

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FuChat phone helps analyzes emotions

I guess it is true – the Good Book did mention, after all, that man has managed and is in the process of taming all sorts of creatures, but when it comes to the tongue, they fail miserably. Just look at the track record in your life – never mind that of other people whom you deem are worse off than you. The FuChat phone is one device that comes with the unique ability of detecting changes of tone in a person’s voice as well as in body temperature, analyzing such data and subsequently alerting the user to their current emotional state – just in case they don’t know it themselves. It would be pretty interesting to see a self-aware angry person looking at the FuChat phone “nagging” him to tone down on the angry rhetoric, and could result in a case of venting his anger on the handset itself eventually.

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