Nintendo Console Keychain Set

If you’re a geek who grew up in the late 80’s, you can’t help but hold a special place in your heart for Nintendo. It’s just how it is. Super Mario, Paperboy, Duck Hunt. These are all games we grew up spending hours doting over. While we might have high-tech alternatives these days, such as the PS3 and Xbox 360, sometimes there’s just no alternative for the classic 8-bit system.

As awesome as PS3 might be, you don’t see anyone walking around with PS3 keychains. And you probably shouldn’t plan on it either. NES was a trend setter. It showed us how gaming could bring us together while entertaining us alone as well. Which is why there are so many people which would be honored to display their love of retro gaming, right from their keychain.

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Twitter Fail Whale Kinetic Sculpture

What has now become an iconic image of Web 2.0’s inconsistency, and more specifically, the micro-blogging service Twitter’s lack of up time, the Twitter Fail Whale caused a stir among the tech community when it made its first appearance in May 2008.

Not only is the Fail Whale Twitter’s way of letting users know that the service is experiencing some issues, but it’s slowly introducing itself into pop culture. The now famous illustration by Yiying Lu has made its way into the sculpture form of media with this kinetic Fail Whale sculpture.

Titled “Lifting Up A Dreamer”, the kinetic sculpture was made by Flickr user Hil. The kinetic title basically means that the sculpture incorporates movement. The Fail Whale sculpture bobs up and down, adding both dimension and movement to the original 2D image.

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Crystallized Foosball Table

Table football, or Foosball, might be known as the most unglamorous form of gaming in the world. Mostly known for being spotted in seedy sports bars and dirty basements, there’s not much you can say about the foosball table that makes it seem fitting for the luxurious crowd. BlingMyThing says “Think again!”

BlingMyThing’s Crystallized Foosball Table is table football for a whole new crowd. What you get is this back-and-forth eye following game for the luxurious bunch. The details of the Crystallized Foosball Table seems to be on a need-to-know basis, because we certainly can’t find any details about this monstrous piece of luxury, but more details are sure to emerge soon.

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Creative Announces New Zen X-Fi

Sure, it’s not the iPod. And thankfully, it’s not the Zune (sorry Microsoft, stick to the software game). Despite Apple’s domination of the portable media market, there’s still a healthy percentage of gadgeteers who prefer the sleek style of the Creative Zen line of media players. And luckily for you rebels, Creative has just announced their newest entry, the Zen X-Fi.

I personally owned a Zen myself, mostly because it was compatible with Rhapsody’s To-Go service, which sadly Apple has yet to give up on. X-Fi provides users with among the best MP3 players you could ask for. While there’s no touchscreen, the Zen X-Fi will indeed feature Wi-Fi connectivity, which brings a host of really cool communication features.

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Kage Roi Helps you Generate Ideas

I always enjoy reporting on the latest Conceptual Gadgets, so I couldn’t resist reporting on this one. It is known as the “Kage roi”, is a concept gadget that helps groups come up with more concepts.

Simply put, the Kage roi is a boardroom table that has built-in voice recognition ability. So the next time you and a group of businesspeople are having a vocal brainstorming session, the Kage roi picks up on your keywords, and provides each person a display of its internet search. In short, the Kage Roi is a brainstorming table with a brain.

But it isn’t just the table that is the concept. Apparently, the room is equipped with LEDs that can change the lighting. For example, if you want to make people feel like the sun is about to set, the Kage roi can accommodate you.

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The Square Solar Shoji Lantern great for pool parties

Solar lights on occasion have a bit of a tendency to be dull.  The stakes you put in the ground to line your garden with are usually featured in every other yard around.  However, there are the ones that stand out from the rest, like these cute little lamps.  The silk-like waterproof nylon will stand up to storms a bit better than the pretty lanterns that are a similar style but made for the indoors.

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BuzzBall, The Roller Coaster Without Tracks

Now that summer is in full swing, people are flocking to amusement parks everywhere, searching for the latest thrill from the best roller coaster. The Evento BuzzBall is made for those who wish to take that experience home.

The best part is that the owner of the BuzzBall would not need to build some giant structure with tracks and rails, but any open space, flat or hilly, will do.

The BuzzBall is essentially a huge hamster ball designed for a person. Only the BuzzBall is a ball-within-a-ball, with dual electric motors. The first motor controls the outer edge of the ball, so the driver has complete control of the physical movement of the ball.

The second inner ball controls the movement of the driver. It can roll in any direction, regardless of what direction the BuzzBall is rolling.

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New Dell Studio Laptop Range

Dell Studio Pink

I had a great experience last week, I was invited to Dell’s latest product launch which was made cooler than most launches as it was held at the Silverstone racetrack during F1 testing and we had to fly in 🙂 .

The main product to be announced was the new range of Dell Studio Laptops. The Studio range is designed with the personal touch in mind and comes in a range of colors, but if you think “Flamingo Pink” is a bit too in your face you can still personalize with the less gaudy graphite grey with blue trim (full color selection).

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The custom made Nerf Maverick

This strange looking toy is actually a Nerf gun in disguise.  Which is just proof once again that there are a great many of us that don’t seem to want to grow up entirely.  I’d imagine  that the gun originally looked something like this, which is sold on ThinkGeek.  The best part is to cock the toy gun you have to pull back on the cross.  The seller of this mod does warn that although it shoots foam darts, shooting someone in the face could still hurt them.  Apparently he thinks that the adults that would buy such a toy aren’t grown up enough to realize that.

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