Freehand Wrist Storage For People With No Pockets

How much pocket space is too much pocket space? I’d say that when you reach the point that you’re filling the pocket of your standard jeans and are fully ready to make the fashionable pounce over to MC Hammer jump pants for that extra storage room.

There’s no need to suffer for fashion. Or have your fashion suffer for you. If you’re just too much of a manly man to grab a messenger bag and throw all of your junk in there, just because of it’s similarity to a purse, then you’re going to need a new method of on-the-go storage. Meet the Freehand.

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Ninja Tacks Put Your Boss In Their Place

Has your boss been walking all over you ever since you were hired to your current job? Some office managerial figures are on a real power trip, strutting their all-knowing knowledge to all of their powerless underlings. Would your boss treat you that way if he thought you were a ninja?

Psh, hell no he wouldn’t. His prized khaki pants and the legs within them would be quaking with fear that you might one day mysteriously appear out of an abandoned alley and go all kung-fu on his booty. Even if you don’t have ninja skills, these excellent Ninja Tacks can send the message.

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Giant Fabric Keyboard

Computer peripherals continue to get smaller and smaller. These days, the mouse would be better apt called the mouse embryo. And it doesn’t stop there. Keyboards are becoming more compact as well. Eventually, we might have to start fearing for those among us who have larger hands.

The Giant Fabric Keyboard seems like a perfect protest for the evolution of shrinking peripherals. This keyboard is living large, and it’s not afraid to strut its stuff. Flickr user Maurin has a great new set of photos up which shows how the Giant Fabric Keyboard was created.

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Steampunk USB Flash Drive

OK, so we realize that Steampunk gadgetry might be so last month, but we couldn’t resist sharing this excellent USB flash drive. The second our gaze met the vision of this Russian-made peripheral, we knew that many other cheap USB thingamabobs just wouldn’t measure up any longer.

We haven’t quite gotten past our Steampunk phase. So sue us (please don’t.) There’s something about the metallic hand-polished brass and copper that makes us feel like we’re living in a cyber punk sci-fi novel, and what geek hasn’t wished for that once or thrice.

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Keyboard Made For Emoticons

Instant messaging programs have launched the creation of a whole new language. Yes, IM speak. Where every word is abbreviated and every emotion can be expressed with three symbols. Our new language really speeds things up.

Though with as much emoting has been done via IM over the last decade, relatively little has been done to aid our emoticon habit. Sure, most IM applications now come stock with a click menu for the commonly used smiley faces, but most of us still like to use our hands for speed purposes. The look@me keyboard is made especially for emoticons.

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