360 Degree Mirror

360 Degree Mirror

Have you ever had to use your mirror to see something on the back of you? Well, you could always turn around, and then try and swivel your neck as best as you can. Or you could take a hand-mirror and try and get the reverse angle. Sometimes one of those methods works.

Or you could get the 360-Degree Mirror. Three panels on each side pop out so you can get more views of you. There is also a light on the front for a little extra glow. You might want to use the lighting to see what your “best side” is.

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Garmin GPSMAP 495

gpsmap-495.jpgGarmin will be putting up on offer a brand new GPS portable aviation device for pilots without breaking the bank – the GPSMAP 495 will come with Garmin’s Smart Airspace, AOPA’s Airport Directory data, enhanced high-resolution terrain database, aviation database with private airports and heliports, accelerated GPS update rate, and European VFR reporting waypoints. According to Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing, “Those familiar with our aviation handheld product line will see the GPSMAP 495 as a cross between the GPSMAP 296 and GPSMAP 496 because it provides some of the advanced features found on the GPSMAP 496, but is closer to the GPSMAP 296’s price point.”

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Keyboard PC has a new take on the all-in-one concept

Keyboard PC

When you think of an all-in-one PC, I would venture to guess that the first image that pops in your head would be that of an iMac. If not specifically Apple’s branded machine, then one similar, which featured all of the main components housed in the monitor. Since you’re always going to need a monitor, it seems like the perfect setup. All you need is a keyboard and mouse and you’re all set. Have you ever considered getting a computer that’s built into your keyboard?

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Belkin n52te Gaming Mouse

Belkin n52te Gaming Mouse

Who would have ever thought that there would ever be such a huge market for gaming controllers like these? I guess no one ever thought World of Warcraft would ever take off the way it did. I never did like the controls on those MMORPG games, and it’s only natural someone made them simpler.

For example, Belkin, a company famous for tech accessories, has created the n52te, a “hybrid gamepad” with tagline of “Built for speed. Built to Dominate. Built to Destroy”. Dang! It sounds like the n52te is designed for MMORPGs, but it is also created for FPS or RTS games.

The n52te has 15 fully programmable keys that are completely customizable, so a gamer can do very quick things at the touch of a button. There is also a programmable 8-way thumb-pad with a removable joystick. The user can also easily toggle between 3 keymap states.

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