Epson announces Stylus CX9475Fax

epson-cx9475fax.jpgEpson engineers have just rolled out the new Epson Stylus CX9475Fax ink jet all-in-one printer that aims to fulfil the seat of a multi-purpose device, being carefully crafted to print, scan and share files over a network from virtually anywhere, regardless of whether it is wired or wireless. Even the most computer illiterate person should not have any trouble installing the CX9475Fax as the Epson InstaNet technology makes it a snap to get everything up and running within a few minutes.

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LeapFrog announces new video game systems


LeapFrog Enterprises have just dropped an announcement for a couple of new web-connected video game systems which are connected to the proprietary LeapFrog Learning Path. The Leapster2 Learning Game System is the latest addition to the Leapster family, further expanding gameplay online whilst enabling parents to check up on what their child is learning (definitely better than being “taught” by MTV) and sharing in their accomplishments. You will find that the online capabilities in the all-new Didj Custom Gaming System is able to hook up gameplay with schoolwork, enabling kids to pick and choose the game they like with spelling lists, math problems and more.

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Kodak reinvents the pixilated wheel

Kodak Color Grid

Since digital cameras surpassed the “sweet spot” threshold of six megapixels, camera makers have been involved in an arms race over the misguided belief that more megapixels are better. Trouble is that unless designers increase the size of the chips, all those extra megapixels are good for is more noise, especially at ISO settings above 800. So what does one do if one can’t enlarge the CCD chips in a compact point and shoot? Kodak thinks the idea is to reinvent the pixilated wheel. The result is the Kodak KAC-05020 Image Sensor.

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Design makes for space saving printer

hanging printer 1

One reason that LCD monitors have become so hugely popular is that an office always sets a premium on real desk top space. Any item that can reduce the hardware clutter from a cubicle desk will be embraced by the business world. Which is why when a design comes out to minimize the desktop footprint of a printer, it’s bound to turn heads. I’ts another great find from our friends at Yanko and it’s called The Hanging Printer.

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Latest Tech News – 5 February


Baidu gets in trouble

Baidu – the number one search engine in China – is being “attacked” by three big companies, those being Universal Music Ltd, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Hong Kong Ltd.

The reason for the attack is more than obvious: copyright infringement of music tracks. And what the companies want is also pretty obvious: all the (illegal) links included on the Baidu music delivery service should be deleted/removed.

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